The Art & Science Of Experience Design

I’m going to be part of a discussion hosted by the Future Music Industry Network happening Thursday July 28th 2016 at SAE in South Melbourne. If you’re interested in events where, “the overall experience was preferred over headliners” and agree that we need to, “challenge the idea that an event needs to spend hundreds of thousands on big names, and should instead invest in experience to achieve the same result for a quarter of the cost and hassle” then this talk and panel discussion is for you.  


The Event Theme is the “The Art & Science Of Experience Design” and I’ll be discussing my long time involvement with Burning Man and in particular the ARTery department as I’ve worked for both departments at the big burn in Nevada as well as leading the department here for Burning Seed and of course talking about the awesome participatory art we’ve been building with the Flame Effects Australia Crew. Registration is free, and includes networking, a keynote speaker then the panel discussion, RSVP here.


Lighting up the darkest night


The small crew of Brendan Jones and Stephanie Selig assisted by Nick Westcott brought Haoma’s Vile Heat to the Beautiful Darkness event at CERES, June 25th 2016, to celebrate a turning towards the light after the longest night of the year.


We wanted to thank all of the families and community members who came and celebrated. We hope you were able to bask in her heat and let yourself be healed and energised. We especially loved the delight of the children who came to press the button to ignite the propane flame effects. If you snapped any photos we’d love to see them, please email us.