Haoma’s Vile Heat

Haoma’s Vile Heat had humble beginnings starting out as the course project for the Flame Effects for the Artist Class that happened in Melbourne May 23-24th 2015 and then blossoming into a gorgeous piece that has now visited several festivals. The course, hosted by Flame Effects Australia and taught by Propaniac and Dave X from Burning Man saw this sculpture being made in one day, going from a pile of scrap materials that participants donated to a full fire ‘poofing’ machine called the “Eye of Sauron” but affectionately nicknamed “Free the Nipple”.

 FE course class shotFire

 The effect in Haoma is an accumulated LPG (propane) effect lit by a LPG pilot that runs off a secondary tank. The ‘poofer’ is controlled by a closed-valve 12V solenoid hooked to a battery and our control panel complete with an emergency kill switch. As you can see the frame wasn’t much to look at and we also needed to raise her another meter to make it safe to display at festivals so a small crew was formed and Brendan Jones, Sage Lian and Haig Jason spent a weeknight each week for a few months turning the Nipple into the beautiful beast “Haoma’s Vile Heat” which debuted at a regional Burning Man event, Burning Seed 2015 out in the Matong State Forest, 5 hours from Melbourne.  The crew who built created the Haoma used all reclaimed materials including distressing pallet wood for the facade and using leftover steel from another Seed project to make the vines. They have described Haoma as, “Ancient, wise and righteous. Golden-eyed Haoma is the sacred guardian. Arouse yourself in his roots and leaves. Bask in her heat and let yourself be healed.”

Photo by Nigel Dobson-KeefePhoto by NIgel Dobson-Keefe


Her next adventure took her to The Town, a small community based music and arts event in the Strathbogie Ranges over Easter Weekend April 2015. She delighted the crowd, illuminating and warming the dance floor each ‘poof’ that was fired off.

Photo by James GillotPhoto by James Gillot



In 2016 Haoma celebrated the long winter nights and wow’d the crowds at Beautiful Darkness event at CERES  (below left) in Melbourne and the Yarra Glen Festival of Light (below right).

Haoma on Fire!










For more photos visit the Haoma’s Vile Heat Flickr Page. If you’d like to install Haoma at your next gathering please contact us at flameeffectsaustralia @ gmail dot com