Deep Sea Angling

Deep Sea Angling is a 3m scrap-metal, female angler fish created by Stephanie Selig. Created in Melbourne over the course of a couple of months Stephanie used reclaimed and recycled steel to build Esmeralda. Displayed at Burning Seed 2015 in the Matong State Forest, NSW, approximately 5 hours from both Sydney and Melbourne this piece delighted participants, especially when they could press the magic button located in the treasure box and trigger the ‘poof’ flame effect.

Photo by by Nigel Dobson-KeefePhoto by Ryan McCobb



The flame effect was created in assistance with Haig Jason and utilised a hot surface ignitor to spark the propane based effect that used a secondary accumulator tank to vaporise the LPG, storing it for release when the 12V solenoid was triggered by the effect button.

Deep Sea Angling Control Box

Photo by Onur Ka


Flame Effects Australia would like to acknowledge Burning Seed, Melburners Inc and all the private supporters who donated on Pozible for supporting this project.

For more photos visit the Deep Sea Angling Flickr Page. If you’d like to install Esmeralda at your next gathering please contact us at flameeffectsaustralia @ gmail dot com