Haoma’s Vile Heat in Yarra Glen

August 21st 2016 Haoma’s Vile Heat delighted local residents celebrating at their winter carnival the Yarra Glen Festival of Light. This family friendly event included a lantern parade, a band and choirs, fairies, belly dance performances and culminated in some large firey poofs from our gorgeous beast. The kids had a blast pressing the button in the treasure chest to set her alight.

Thanks to Travis Cauchi for the great photos and the town of Yarra Glen for hosting us!



















Deep Sea Angling Thank Yous!

Taking our latest sculpture Deep Sea Angling to Burning Seed 2015 in the Matong State Forest in NSW was a resounding success.

DSA fire horizontal Nigel Dobson Keefe

We had big poofs going for three nights, celebrated Friday night with a pop up party with the MoarSauce bus and DJ Deep Dreamerz,went large on burn night and had a great Temple burn with the best location for viewing it. Check out more photos on our Flickr page here and if you took photos please let us know by emailing us.

Check out a video of Stephanie setting up Esmeralda with the help of our new friend Nigel from Adelaide.

We’d like to thank the following folks for their support both financial and physical!

  • Burning Seed Artery Department
  • Melburners
  • Nick Westcott for being my rock and support and putting up with the fish in our yard!
  • Haig Jason for amazing support building the flame effect
  • Toby “Wintermute” Corkindale for making Esmeralda sparkle and shine with programmed LEDs
  • Rory McMahon, always listening and advising plus let me steal
  • Nigel Dobson-Keefe for on site help and amazing photographs
  • Ian Eichelberger visiting from Taiwan but taking time to bend and scrape metal with me
  • Eddie Fantastik & Jess Hogg for teeth cutting assistance
  • Terry Stevens for the last minute extended POL fitting
  • Sage Lian & Brendan Jones for rocking the flame effect project next to me, Haoma’s Vile Heat
  • Cowboy, Karl and DPI for heavy machinery and Eagle Rock
  • Katie Westcott and Max Miller for their design work and Pozible video, couldn’t have done it without  you!

and to all these folks for their Pozible contributions, thank you!

  • Evan Xen Ochren
  • Brigid Morgan
  • Tal Roberts
  • Theresa Winters
  • Rohan Mitchell
  • Irma De Jong
  • Shane Kilcullen
  • Jodi York
  • Erin Pimm
  • Tamsin Young
  • Rory McMachon
  • Eddie Fantastic
  • Chris Tselpi
  • Kerrie Duke
  • Anne Truong
  • Rowan Costs
  • Linda Callan
  • Melissa Boyle
  • Michael Altschul
  • Naomi
  • Sonia Jones
  • Gail Masri
  • Sharon Selig
  • Duncan Owen
  • Krista Kilian
  • Ed Hsu
  • Michael Bunn
  • Evatt Hawkes
  • Sage Lian
  • Jessica Ewing
  • Timothy Westcott
  • Katherine Kay
  • Daryl Francisco
  • Eleanor Lindberg
  • The Captain
  • Ali Mohammad Shams Ahmadi
  • Kamin Andresen
  • Liz & Mark Westcott
  • Catherine & Les Bohm
  • Michael Bock
  • Scott Selig
  • Lisa Randall

thank you

Pop Up Poof Party!

We’ll be hosting a party at Burning Seed Friday October 2nd from 6-8pm to celebrate the two flame effects pieces being built by crew from Flame Effects Australia. Join the Moarsauce Institute Bus at the Deep Sea Angling and Haoma’s Vile Heat art projects wearing your fire-y finest and be prepared to boogie!

You can find the invite on facebook and if you’re up for making art and more poofs! happen please consider donating to our Pozible Campaign for Deep Sea Angling.

I like big poofs horizontal

Welcome to the Crucible Project

Get ready for Ajagara our fire breathing Dragon and her beautiful fire forest! This coming Saturday February 21st Melbourne will be hosting its most fabulous all night festivities – for one night only during White Night.  Come down to Birrarung Marr and Sita’s Garden to see one of this years interactive art pieces. The Crucible project created in Melbourne by Sean Diamond of sdkineticstudios and Stephanie Selig of Flame Effects Australia along with an incredible crew of volunteers.



ajagara fire