A Year in the Life of a Sculpture

It was just one year ago that we hosted the Flame Effects for the Artist Class with Propaniac who runs Poofer Supply and Dave X from Burning Man. Over the course of two days they covered everything from the safe handling of LPG (propane), how to build a flame effect from scratch, all about gauges, electronics and even a fire extinguisher training.

On the second day we built a sculpture with an effect in one day, it went from a pile of scrap materials that participants donated to a full fire ‘poofing’ machine that got named the “Eye of Sauron” but was affectionately nicknamed “Free the Nipple”.

This effect is an accumulated LPG (propane effect) lit by a  LPG pilot that runs off a secondary tank. It is controlled by a closed-valve 12V solenoid hooked to a battery and our control panel complete with an emergency kill switch. As you can see the frame wasn’t much to look at and we also needed to raise her another meter to make it safe to display at festivals. A few of us got together and raised her up another meter.


By June we were itching to do more with her and got approved for a Small Arts Grant from Burning Seed. A small crew was formed and Brendan Jones, Sage Lian and Haig Jason spent a weeknight each week for a few months turning the Nipple into the beautiful beast “Haoma’s Vile Heat” which debuted at a regional Burning Man event, Burning Seed 2015 out in the Matong State Forest, 5 hours from Melbourne.

Her next adventure took her to The Town, a small community based music and arts event in the Strathbogie Ranges over Easter Weekend April 2015. She delighted the crowd, illuminating and warming the dance floor each ‘poof’ that was fired off.

Hamoa will make her next appearance at Beautiful Darkness a winter solstice event happening June 25th 2016 at CERES in Brunswick East, Melbourne.





Deep Sea Angling Thank Yous!

Taking our latest sculpture Deep Sea Angling to Burning Seed 2015 in the Matong State Forest in NSW was a resounding success.

DSA fire horizontal Nigel Dobson Keefe

We had big poofs going for three nights, celebrated Friday night with a pop up party with the MoarSauce bus and DJ Deep Dreamerz,went large on burn night and had a great Temple burn with the best location for viewing it. Check out more photos on our Flickr page here and if you took photos please let us know by emailing us.

Check out a video of Stephanie setting up Esmeralda with the help of our new friend Nigel from Adelaide.

We’d like to thank the following folks for their support both financial and physical!

  • Burning Seed Artery Department
  • Melburners
  • Nick Westcott for being my rock and support and putting up with the fish in our yard!
  • Haig Jason for amazing support building the flame effect
  • Toby “Wintermute” Corkindale for making Esmeralda sparkle and shine with programmed LEDs
  • Rory McMahon, always listening and advising plus let me steal
  • Nigel Dobson-Keefe for on site help and amazing photographs
  • Ian Eichelberger visiting from Taiwan but taking time to bend and scrape metal with me
  • Eddie Fantastik & Jess Hogg for teeth cutting assistance
  • Terry Stevens for the last minute extended POL fitting
  • Sage Lian & Brendan Jones for rocking the flame effect project next to me, Haoma’s Vile Heat
  • Cowboy, Karl and DPI for heavy machinery and Eagle Rock
  • Katie Westcott and Max Miller for their design work and Pozible video, couldn’t have done it without  you!

and to all these folks for their Pozible contributions, thank you!

  • Evan Xen Ochren
  • Brigid Morgan
  • Tal Roberts
  • Theresa Winters
  • Rohan Mitchell
  • Irma De Jong
  • Shane Kilcullen
  • Jodi York
  • Erin Pimm
  • Tamsin Young
  • Rory McMachon
  • Eddie Fantastic
  • Chris Tselpi
  • Kerrie Duke
  • Anne Truong
  • Rowan Costs
  • Linda Callan
  • Melissa Boyle
  • Michael Altschul
  • Naomi
  • Sonia Jones
  • Gail Masri
  • Sharon Selig
  • Duncan Owen
  • Krista Kilian
  • Ed Hsu
  • Michael Bunn
  • Evatt Hawkes
  • Sage Lian
  • Jessica Ewing
  • Timothy Westcott
  • Katherine Kay
  • Daryl Francisco
  • Eleanor Lindberg
  • The Captain
  • Ali Mohammad Shams Ahmadi
  • Kamin Andresen
  • Liz & Mark Westcott
  • Catherine & Les Bohm
  • Michael Bock
  • Scott Selig
  • Lisa Randall

thank you

Build the fish!

I made a timelapse video of the first three days of the build which is taking place in our backyard. As you can see the structure is starting to take form, I’ve been doing a lot of cutting, bending and shaping of the metal. So far the most challenging part has been working on the central structural beam. Because I want to be able to take the anglerfish apart and split it into front and back sections I’ve had to mirror the curves that I’m making for the front and back supports with two different pieces of metal. In order to attach them together I’m making  metal tabs from flat bar cutting them into smaller 40mm section and then drilling holes through the tabs to fit bolts.  All of this is taking quite a bit of time but I’m enjoying it and I’ve been very thankful for the few weeks that I spent working on Xylogphage with the Flaming Lotus Girls because I got a lot of experience working with a scale model, bending and unbending metal to help fabricate the curved roots that were also designed to be split apart.

You can support this project by visiting my Pozible page!

White Night Melbourne 2015!

What an incredible night that was! Everything went so well from set up, to the all night event (Feb 21st 7 p.m. to Feb 22nd 7 a.m.) to tear down. We managed to miss the torrential rain on Saturday arriving to a blue sky with amazing clouds and a rainbow before sunset. The crowds were fantastic and we loved sharing our beautiful installation with you.

Kai O'Yang Ajagara 1photo credit: Kai O’Yang

Big shout outs to our incredible team of volunteers who worked with us for two months helping with everything from site prep, to making lanterns for the Fire Forest, to sourcing LEDs to make the magical wings. Sean and I could not have done this project without you. We’d also like to thank White Night and in particular Andrew Walsh for their support, Rusty and his team at Howard & Sons for providing the amazing flame effects and to Mark Hopkins and his team at ResolutionX for the incredible lighting.

I’ve been uploading photos to flickr from our build process, to the installation and tear down and of course photos from White Night.

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