About Us

Flame Effects Australia is a newly forming Melbourne based entity headed by Stephanie Selig. Focused on creating large scale, collaborative art projects with flame effects. We are interested in making art  in a way that also empowers our team to learn new skills both in the shop working with power tools and on welding equipment and how to work collaboratively with a group using consensus decision making.

Want to get in touch to join the volunteer team or book one of our sculptures for your next event? Email us.

Social Media & Images

Of course we have a facebook page, you can find it here, we’re also over on Instagram and Twitter, but mostly posting on facebook. We also have an amazing image gallery on flicker, click here to see all our albums.

Meet the Team

It takes a team to make large scale projects and the crew of Flame Effects Australia are the fuel behind our inspiration and creation.

  • Stephanie Selig: Lead Artist, Project Manager
  • Brendan Jones (profile coming soon)
  • Maayan Dermer (profile coming soon)
  • Haig Jason (profile coming soon)

Want to learn to build and create art? Email us. to get on our build list and participate in upcoming projects.

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