Deep Sea Angling at the Pleasure Garden

Our little fish Esmeralda went to a fabulous party, The Pleasure Garden, down in St Kilda on December 10th 2016.


She now lures in her prey with a new bulb replacing the flame effects for this event.


















Post Pleasure Garden she took another trip, this time to Warrandyte where Esmeralda is now hanging out at a private residence, they even decorated her up for Christmas giving her a really great festive look.











Haoma’s Vile Heat in Yarra Glen

August 21st 2016 Haoma’s Vile Heat delighted local residents celebrating at their winter carnival the Yarra Glen Festival of Light. This family friendly event included a lantern parade, a band and choirs, fairies, belly dance performances and culminated in some large firey poofs from our gorgeous beast. The kids had a blast pressing the button in the treasure chest to set her alight.

Thanks to Travis Cauchi for the great photos and the town of Yarra Glen for hosting us!