Pop Up Poof Party!

We’ll be hosting a party at Burning Seed Friday October 2nd from 6-8pm to celebrate the two flame effects pieces being built by crew from Flame Effects Australia. Join the Moarsauce Institute Bus at the Deep Sea Angling and Haoma’s Vile Heat art projects wearing your fire-y finest and be prepared to boogie!

You can find the invite on facebook and if you’re up for making art and more poofs! happen please consider donating to our Pozible Campaign for Deep Sea Angling.

I like big poofs horizontal

Build the fish!

I made a timelapse video of the first three days of the build which is taking place in our backyard. As you can see the structure is starting to take form, I’ve been doing a lot of cutting, bending and shaping of the metal. So far the most challenging part has been working on the central structural beam. Because I want to be able to take the anglerfish apart and split it into front and back sections I’ve had to mirror the curves that I’m making for the front and back supports with two different pieces of metal. In order to attach them together I’m making¬† metal tabs from flat bar cutting them into smaller 40mm section and then drilling holes through the tabs to fit bolts.¬† All of this is taking quite a bit of time but I’m enjoying it and I’ve been very thankful for the few weeks that I spent working on Xylogphage with the Flaming Lotus Girls because I got a lot of experience working with a scale model, bending and unbending metal to help fabricate the curved roots that were also designed to be split apart.

You can support this project by visiting my Pozible page!